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CacheSetup::content::base_cache_rule::BaseCacheRule Class Reference

Inherits nocatalog::NoCatalog.

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file base_cache_rule.py.

Public Member Functions

def getEtag
def getEtagExpression
def getEtagExpressionValue
def getHeaderSetIdExpression
def getHeaderSetIdExpressionValue
def getHeaderSetVocabulary
def getLastModified
def getLastModifiedExpression
def getObjectDefaultView
def getPredicateExpression
def getRelativeUrlsToPurge
def getVary
def getVaryExpression
def setEtagExpression
def setHeaderSetIdExpression
def setLastModifiedExpression
def setPredicateExpression
def setVaryExpression
def testPredicate
def validate_etagExpression
def validate_headerSetIdExpression
def validate_lastModifiedExpression
def validate_predicateExpression
def validate_varyExpression

Static Public Attributes

int global_allow = 0
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _addEtagComponent
def _associateTemplate
def _getExpressionContext
def _getHeaderSet
def _validate_expression

Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__ = (ICacheRule,)
 _at_rename_after_creation = True

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