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def CacheSetup::content::base_cache_rule::BaseCacheRule::getObjectDefaultView (   self,

Get the id of an object's default view

Definition at line 294 of file base_cache_rule.py.

00294                                        :
        """Get the id of an object's default view"""
        default_view = None
        if base_hasattr(obj, 'defaultView'):
            default_view = obj.defaultView(obj.REQUEST)
        if not default_view and base_hasattr(obj, 'default_view'):
            default_view = obj.default_view
        if not default_view:
                view = obj.getTypeInfo().getActionInfo('object/view')['url']
            except AttributeError:
                view = obj.getTypeInfo().getActionById('view')
            except ValueError:
                # no object/view action
                return None
            if view.startswith('/'):
                view = view[1:]
            default_view = view
        return default_view

    def _addEtagComponent(self, etag, component):

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