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def CacheSetup::content::cache_tool::CacheTool::canAnonymousView (   self,

Returns True if anonymous users can view an object

Definition at line 368 of file cache_tool.py.

00368                                       :
        """Returns True if anonymous users can view an object"""
        if 'Anonymous' in rolesForPermissionOn('View', object):
            return True
        # XXX i am not sure it is possible to assign local roles to the anonymous user
        # XXX if it is, there may need to be some local role tomfoolery here
        # XXX something like the following
        # roles_with_view = {}
        # for r in rolesForPermissionOn('View', obj):
        #    roles_with_view[r] = 1
        # try:
        #    all_local_roles = portal.acl_users._getAllLocalRoles(obj)
        # except AttributeError:
        #    all_local_roles = _mergedLocalRoles(obj)
        # if 'Anonymous user' in all_local_roles:
        #    for r in all_local_roles['Anonymous user']:
        #       if r in roles_with_view:
        #          return True
        return False

    def isGzippable(self, css=0, js=0, REQUEST=None):

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