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def MemcachedManager::MemcachedManager::MemcachedManager::manage_editProps (   self,
  settings = None,
  REQUEST = None 

Changes the cache settings.

Definition at line 187 of file MemcachedManager.py.

00187                                                                   :
        """Changes the cache settings.
        if settings is None:
            settings = REQUEST
        self.title = str(title)
        request_vars = list(settings['request_vars'])
        servers = filter(None, list(settings['servers']))
        debug = int(settings['debug'])
        self._settings = {
            'request_vars': tuple(request_vars),
            'servers': tuple(servers),
            'debug': debug,

        settings = self.getSettings()
        for (tid, cid), cache in caches.items():
            if cid == self.__cacheid:
        if REQUEST is not None:
            return self.manage_main(
                self, REQUEST, manage_tabs_message='Properties changed.')

    manage_stats = DTMLFile('dtml/statsMM', globals())

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