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#!<tal:python replace="python_binary" /> -Ou
 squidAcl.py -- a script for squid external acls
 (a long-running process that uses unbuffered io; hence the -u flag in python)

in squid.conf add:

external_acl_type is_cacheable_type %{Cookie:__ac} %{Cookie:;__ac} %{Authorization} %{If-None-Match} <tal:dir replace="squid_config_dir" />squidAcl.py
acl is_cacheable external is_cacheable_type
no_cache allow is_cacheable
no_cache deny all

# for debugging, set the ttl and negative_ttl to very small values (0 or 1 second)
external_acl_type is_non_cacheable_type -ttl=0 -negative_ttl=0 %{Cookie:__ac} %{Cookie:;__ac} %{Authorization} %{If-None-Match} <tal:dir replace="squid_config_dir" />/squidAcl.py

import sys, traceback

# set to 1 to enable logging
debug = 0

# the logfile for the redirector log (only used when debug is 1)
logfile = " <tal:dir replace="squid_log_dir" />/squid_acl.log"

# Globally bound for speedier lookup. Run timing.py to see why.
stdin_readline = sys.stdin.readline
stdout_write = sys.stdout.write
stdout_flush = sys.stdout.flush

00031 class SquidAcl:
    """ SquidAcl main base class.

    def __init__(self):

    def check_acl(self,line):
        # run single threaded

    def run(self):
        # wait for stdin input
        line = stdin_readline()[:-1]
            while line:
                # launch acl function
                # read new line
                line = stdin_readline()[:-1]
            exc = sys.exc_info()
            del exc
            # NOTE: raising the exception aborts this external_acl process
            #       when no external_acl is left squid exits as well

def log(s):
    """ Logging facility.
        f = open(logfile, "a")
    except IOError:
        print sys.stderr, s
    f.write("%s\n" % s)

def check_acl(line):
    """ Check to see if the line from squid matches our acl

    if debug:
        log("acl info : " + line)

    # We should not cache items if (a) the user is authenticated, or
    # (b) the user is doing a conditional GET with an If-None-Match.
    # With stock Plone, authentication means either that the
    # Authentication header is set (login using HTTP BASIC
    # authentication in the ZMI) or that there is a value for the __ac
    # cookie in the Cookie header.  A conditional GET is done with the
    # If-None-Match header.  If any of these 3 things happen, do not
    # cache in squid.
    # In squid.conf we configure an external acl (is_cacheable_type)
    # to pass us 4 items:
    # 1) %{Cookie:__ac}: the value of the __ac cookie (assumes the
    # cookie header is delimited with ,
    # 2) %{Cookie:;__ac}: the value of the __ac cookie (assumes the
    # cookie header is delimited with ;
    # 3) %{Authentication}: the value of the Authentication header
    # 4) %{If-None-Match}: the value of the If-None-Match header
    # Each of these items will either be "-" if the header/cookie is
    # not set or the value of the cookie / header if set.
    # A request belongs to the is_cacheable acl if all 4 of the above
    # values are -.

    if line == '- - - -':
        response = 'OK'  # OK to cache
        response = 'ERR' # do not cache

    # write it back to squid
    stdout_write('%s\n' % response)

    if debug:
        log("response: " + response)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    sr = SquidAcl()
    if debug:
        log('Starting SquidAcl')
    if debug:
        log('Stopped SquidAcl')

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